Welcome to the future of motorised skateboarding!

Real Control RC moves like a real skater.

Let your fingers become the controls.

Perform tricks, carve around the house and take control! 


Features & Benefits:

• Real Control RC simulates realistic vehicle and character actions through an innovative and intuitive remote control
• Simulated steering and body movement
• Realistic responsive movements
• Engaging for youth and adults
• Rechargeable USB connection
• Disrupting the RC category: skate like never before
• Perform tricks via remote control sequence
• Enhanced RC experience

How it Works:

Real Control RC uses motion simulation, letting your fingers become the controls! The Real Control RC Skater includes a 2-axis pivoting deck; just tilt in any direction and watch your Skater mirror your movements. Watch out — it’s fast! Perform tricks, carve around the house and take control! Suitable for ages 5 and up.

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Real Control™ created by Colorific™ 2019.